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This water in energy Conference initially was the idea of the UT Permian Basin’s College of Business Advisory Council who felt they needed to be more involved with current and pressing Permian Basin issues and opportunities. This past February, 2019 was our 2nd year of the conference. 

Our Year Two PBWIEC® event experienced a 17% increase in registered attendees from our inaugural sold out Conference in 2018, and while we had 44 speakers and 41 sponsors, there was not a lot of overlap in those areas. 

At our Year One Conference, the PBWIEC® promised attendees that we were “different” from other water conference and we feel we proved that.  We are proud to say that PBWIEC® remains different from other water conferences focused on the energy industry because we:

o    Partner with UT Permian Basin and other academic venues while deliberately turning our focus towards innovation, leadership, and education. 

o    PBWIEC® is held in the heart of the Permian Basin, providing an opportunity for our sponsors and attendees to not only meet and network with fellow industry leaders, but to interact with community and local government leaders who are nearby or at the Conference.

o    PBWIEC® was formed with and has an emphasis on highlighting innovation and facilitating commercial-free discussions related to Water In Energy in the Permian Basin. 

o    PBWIEC® is a non-profit organization which gives a portion of Conference profits to UT Permian Basin to continue fueling the Permian.    

o    Almost all of the planning and execution of this Conference is done by volunteers who have full-time jobs. For Year Two, PBWIEC® had one part-time person on-staff, working on average just over 10 hours per week. 

PBWIEC®  was also proud to have representatives from Sen. Ted Cruz’s office and Sen. John Cornyn’s office attend, with a personal introduction of Steve Melzer’s presentation on Friday by Congressman Mike Conaway who stayed to enjoy Mr. Melzer’s presentation.

 Our Year Two speakers included industry leaders working in both Texas and New Mexico, with representatives from water management districts, the Texas legislature, and other public entities such as the City of Midland, the Federal Reserve Bank, the UT Austin Bureau of Economic Geology, and University Lands. Topics covered ranged from landowners and right of way issues; reuse and recycle; gathering and disposal; governmental and other entities; legal and regulatory; Midstream Today; Technology and Innovation along with continuing education opportunities. 

PBWIEC® asks our speakers to discuss their opportunities and issues in the context of water in energy and how they are managing those. We invite a diverse group to speak, including inviting the Press from far and wide, so they may attend and report on what they see, hear and experience at our event.  Year Two Conference registrants included participants from 14 States: from Arizona to California to Rhode Island, to Washington and even as far as Canada and Venezuela, with the Great State of Texas being well-represented. 

One of the things of which PBWIEC® is most proud of is that this non-profit Conference has been able to give back so much to the communities who have given so much to so many in the energy industry. 

Year One, PBWIEC® was able to present UTPB with $10,000 from Conference proceeds.  For a first year conference who had anticipated maybe having 150 attendees (we had 426!), we were thrilled to not only be in the black but to be able to donate to UTPB.

PBWIEC’s® volunteer-led organization took lesson’s learned from Year One and kept a laser-like focus on not allowing PBWIEC® to become one long commercial presentation.

It is with that in mind, that PBWIEC® is proud to let you know that we were able to present $100,000 from Conference proceeds to UTPB. 

Additionally, VisitMidland of the Midland Chamber of Commerce has provided us their estimation of PBWIEC’s® total financial impact to the community for Years One and Two.  As business owners, industry leaders and individuals who heard the call to do more in our community while providing relevant and positive connections for UTPB and our ever-growing and evolving water-reliant energy industry, PBWIEC’s®  Advisory Board and Advisory Council were humbled to see VisitMidland’s financial impact estimate of our efforts at being just under One Million Dollars of positive financial impact to the Permian Basin in our two short years of existence (actual estimate: $947,758). 

PBWIEC® was approached within days of the end of our Year Two Conference about an Energy entity becoming our Year Three Presenting Sponsor.  By the end of April, we secured our Year Three Presenting Sponsor for $40,000 and began advertising the Conference.  NGL Water Solutions, LLC is our Year Three Presenting Sponsor and we are so excited to have this opportunity to help showcase some of the many innovative and socially responsible things NGL Water Solutions, LLC is doing in today’s water space, as well as innovative methodologies regarding water in energy that they are planning for the short-and-long-term-future.

Speaking of planning for the future, our Program and Speakers Committee led by co-Chairs Monica Jacobs of Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP and Tim McWilliams of Seawolf Resources has already logged countless hours working to provide PBWIEC® attendees the most relevant, commercial-free water in energy information. Already, I am so excited to attend the Year Three Conference to see the many new and a few returning speakers. 

I, along with my Advisory Board and Advisory Council, am extremely proud of PBWIEC® and just how important it is to our community and the energy industry at large with respect to water in energy.  My enthusiasm for this Conference and all that it does remains as high or higher than when I initially joined PBWIEC® and it was a lot less work.           

Looking forward to seeing you (again!) at Year Three.

Best regards,

Jonna D. Smoot  |
2017-2019 – PBWIEC® founding Advisory Board Member
2019 & 2020 PBWIEC® Event Chair