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I am sending this note to about 130 of you who have served as my host at keynote lectures the past three years. I have good news.

Many of you have followed up after my talks asking for my slides. We are now making my PowerPoint slides, fully animated, available for downloading. The slides are grouped by topic and we will roll out a new topic or two each week.

In addition, there will be a movie file that has my voice under so that a user can hear what I would say about the slides. Finally, we are providing a .pdf file of each PowerPoint deck that “unpacks” each animated slide and makes it easy to see and share.

Please send the following link to any of your members, contacts, and attendees at my talks. Please have them sign up, grab the slides, and get out there and educate about energy. The world needs this. 

Register for free on the SwitchOn site

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With energy!


Scott W. Tinker
Chairman, Switch Energy Alliance
Director, Bureau of Economic Geology