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Press Policy for Permian Basin Water In Energy Conference (PBWIEC®)

Year Three - 2020

The Permian Basin Water In Energy Conference (PBWIEC®) – 2020 welcomes and invites media coverage before, during and after our event. PBWIEC® recognizes that press coverage can help facilitate broader understanding of industry-related issues and disseminate information at a speed and audience-reach otherwise unavailable to us.

All PBWIEC® – 2020 attendees: Please see below for the Media Accreditation Process along with Attendee (non-Media) Notes.

PBWIEC® will enforce a few key policies regarding the media and reporters:

  • Reporters must register online and in advance of the event after first contacting PBWIEC’s Media Chair and obtaining accreditation to attend as Media. Non-accredited media attendees will attend at their own cost. See below (Media Accreditation Process).

  • Press must wear conference name badges for the entire event identifying themselves as Press.

  • During open meetings, speakers and panelists may be identified and quoted.

When possible, the media will be given an opportunity to meet with the speakers and panelists after the sessions. Media are free to use tape recorders and laptop computers as long as they do not interfere with the proceedings.

Reporters are also welcome to join members at related social events for off-the-record or background conversations.

Media Accreditation Process

If you wish to apply for a Press Pass, please fully complete the following questions and email to for accreditation consideration no later than December 1, 2019. Providing incomplete answers to these questions will cause a delay in the possible accreditation process and may cause your application to be denied.

Journalist Name:

Publication Name:

Publication Website:

Publication Phone Number:

Journalist Phone Number:

Journalist Email Address:

Journalist Reporting Specialty:

All media will be notified whether their application is accepted or denied by PBWIEC’s Media Chair. If your application for a Press Pass is accepted, you will receive an email and be directed to register for the conference. If your accreditation is denied, you are still welcome to attend the conference, but will be responsible for any registration or other conference-related fees.

Media hereby agrees through the accreditation process to share all links to their published media coverage of PBWIEC®-2020 with PBWIEC’s Media Chair via their email as noted below.

Media accredited for PBWIEC®-2020 will receive the following:

•A Press Pass identifying them as same

•Full Complimentary conference and event registration for all conference-related activities February 18-21, 2020, or as per planned attendance (not mandatory to attend all functions).

Media is responsible for their lodging and transportation at all PBWIEC®–2020 related events.

PBWIEC®–2020 General Attendee Notes (i.e., non-media or press related)

In advance of attending PBWIEC®-2020, you may want to check in with the communications or media team that manages media interaction with your organization/institution. Here are few key things to remember when participating in a conference with an active media presence:

  • All accredited media attending the conference will be identifiable by their nametag.

  • Your organization/institution may have an established media policy or strategy. Check with your media team or manager about what strategy your group intends to follow regarding interactions with the media.

  • If you are unsure about how to react or respond to the media’s question, direct them to speak with your communications team member, or the PBWIEC® Media Chair.

Media Relations Contacts


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